Earthing System Design

The importance and complexity of earthing systems has significantly changed in recent years Zero Sequence Earthing is here to simplify and ensure you meet your regulatory obligations with respect to earthing system safety.

Our pool of specialist earthing engineers have been actively involved in providing comments for updating Australian Standards and are best equipped to complete compliance earth testing and design.

Earthing Design – our specialised design experience covers earthing systems at all voltage levels from 11kV through to 500kV for electrical utility, industrial, mining and generation sectors. We pride ourselves in tailoring and guiding our clients to the product that best meets their level of risk whilst ensuring a cost effective solution. We are able to meet these requirements by incorporating our base, intermediate and advanced design options to meet the site’s specific risk level of exposure.

Our earthing and lightning protection designs are performed using industry leading software CDEGS. Our expertise covers design including:

  • Soil system analysis;
  • Detailed fault system analysis including conductive and inductive response;
  • Third party interference coordination studies;
  • Integration analysis;
  • Safety system analysis;
  • Conductor sizing;
  • Lightning protection and insulation coordination.

Let us show you how the experts in earthing can deliver your next earthing design.

We deliver on what others only promise